Alternatives to Special Issues and Full Manuscripts

Special Sections

At the JMM we seek to develop our understanding of marketing, consumer behaviour and consumption in various ways. Traditionally, of course, scholars have produced special issues which deal with a particular topic in considerable detail, soliciting contributions from academics all working in a given domain. Naturally, this often means that a research area is already popular, has some degree of critical mass, and is capable of generating enough content to fill either a single or double issue of the Journal.

While this has been a valuable means of deepening our knowledge of key topics, theories, concepts and methodologies, it does not go far enough in stimulating new research areas, emerging topics and empirical research in ways that perhaps do not yet – but have considerable potential to – occupy a community of scholars focusing on a given area. Since the JMM is constantly looking to push the boundaries of marketing theory, thought and practice, breaking new ground as often as possible, we welcome proposals from academics interested in advancing the frontiers of research in marketing by producing a special section of the Journal.

What this means is that proposers will identify a research area and focus that demands scholarly attention (or further study than it has received to date). They will approach prominent and emerging academics in their research networks that are working on the topic, soliciting at least five papers that engage with the prospective research frontier. Ideally, these manuscripts will introduce, extend and propose further research on the specific topic.

The papers concerned can be theory-led, conceptual and empirical in orientation (combinations of these are naturally welcomed). While typically, submissions to special sections will be standard academic articles (e.g. 8,000-10,000 words), alternative modes of representation are welcomed where appropriate.  Each contribution to the section would be subject to the usual – extremely rigorous – double blind peer review process we apply at JMM. They will not be guided through this process by the proposer, but will be the responsibility of the Editor of the Journal, who is tasked with ensuring that all articles meet the requisite level of originality and contribution that underpins all papers published in the JMM.

The successful manuscripts will be accompanied by commentaries produced by scholars who have something interesting, provocative and compelling to say about the research topic, its current status and likely future direction. Commentaries (c.3,000-5,000 words) are intended to advance the frontiers of current discourse in marketing. They can go beyond the current empirical state of play to illuminate scholarly directions and research conversations that we should be having.

If you wish to propose a special section which advances the frontiers of research in marketing, please contact the Editor, Mark Tadajewski (and copied to the JMM Editorial Office) with a brief summary of the proposed topic area and likely contributors.

Research Notes

We also welcome Research Notes. These are papers that are between 3,000-5,000 words in length (including references). They are envisaged to explicitly challenge a current topic, concept, literature or empirical base in a substantive fashion. Put otherwise, they have to fundamentally rethink what we currently take-for-granted. They need to be succinct, appropriately embedded in conversations taking place in the pertinent literature(s), offer a substantive contribution, and effectively communicate their results to the general audience of the JMM (i.e. clearly, concisely, and with a minimum of paradigm specific terminology; the latter has to be appropriately explained if included). Each Research Note would be subject to the usual, rigorous, double blind peer review process we apply at JMM. Research Notes should be submitted through the Journal’s ScholarOne Manuscripts site, and authors should select the Manuscript type as ‘Research Note’ during the submission process.

Other types of submissions

JMM also encourages authors to consider other types of submissions, be these Commentaries, Multimedia submissions, or including supplemental material with their manuscript.

You can find details of how to submit a video-article to JMM on this blog.

If you have an idea for a specific submission please contact the Journal Editor in the first instance to discuss this.

Full manuscripts

We also of course welcome the submission of full manuscripts. Detailed guidelines for the submission of these can be found on the Journal’s website.

You can find the list of current Special Issue Calls for Papers on this blog.

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Mark Tadajewski

Mark Tadajewski

Professor Mark Tadajewski is the Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management.

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