This site has been launched to support the Journal of Marketing Management (JMM), an academic journal published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group in association with Westburn Publishers Ltd, and the official journal of the Academy of Marketing, A Learned Society.

What is the Journal of Marketing Management?

JMM is an international peer-reviewed journal which prides itself on publishing eclectic, original and thought-provoking research in the sphere of marketing.

In our About section, you can find out more about our Editor and Editorial Board, as well as other journal information.

You can read the Aims & Scope of the journal as defined by the Editor at the main journal webpage. The journal’s academic articles are hosted at TandFonline.

Why does JMM need a Blog?

The primary focus of the Blog is helping JMM authors to disseminate their research to the widest possible audience. We do this by inviting our authors to blog about their articles. This gives authors a chance to present a summary  of their research in an accessible format, with space for supplemental content and links to other resources.  The blog posts also of course link to the original JMM articles for those who would like to read the research in-depth.

Blog postings are supported by our Twitter feed (@JMM_news) and our Facebook page to help promote research.


JMM publishes original and thought-provoking research on many topics and you can find a some recent Special Issues covered in our Reach pages.

Whilst the research published in JMM would be described as academic, it does of course have real-world applications and impact, and you will be able to find out where JMM research has been featured in this section. From media such as TV news, Radio programmes and Newspaper articles featuring JMM research, to policy documentation and case studies, this section will show how research from JMM is impacting the world around us.


This section is designed to help authors and researchers in both writing for JMM (both the journal itself and the blog), and also in utilising our content.

The Resources section includes current Calls for Papers, and we will also be posting plenty of journal specific tips on the whole JMM journey, from preparation such as crafting your title and optimising your keywords and abstract, to navigating the submission and peer review process, through to publication and how to promote your research and increase your citations and impact.

2019 is Volume 35 of JMM and over the years we have published many seminal articles. In this section you will also be able to find topic-specific reading lists of JMM articles from our back catalogue.

Get involved

We hope you find the JMM Blog a useful resource, and if you are interested in writing for the blog, or have any suggestions for content you would like to see featured, please do not hesitate to contact our Editorial Office

The JMM Editorial Team

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JMM Editorial Office

JMM Editorial Office

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