This page lists all the currently open Calls for Papers for Special Issues/Sections of the Journal of Marketing Management.

Calls are listed by submission deadline, earliest deadline first. To propose a Special Issue/Section, see our page on Advancing the Frontiers of Research in Marketing.

To make a standard (non-Special Issue) manuscript submission, please follow the Instructions for Authors at the Journal website at Taylor & Francis Online. To make a video submission, please see our ‘how-to’ guide, and for other multimedia submissions, please contact the Editorial Office in the first instance.

Transhumanisms, Geneticised Markets and Perfectible Consumers (Deadline for submissions 20 August 2020)




Deromanticising the market: Advances in Consumer Culture Theory (Deadline for submissions 1 October 2020).




New Insights on Consumer Activism: Advancing a Prefigurative Framing of Alternative Consumption (Deadline for submissions 1 March 2021).




Critical Social Marketing: Towards Emancipation. (Deadline for submissions 30 June 2021).




Understanding the effects of social distancing on consumer and business practices during a pandemic: marketing and management implications (Deadline for submissions 15 February 2021).


Children and young people: Opportunities and tensions for sustainability marketing (Deadline for submissions 15 March 2021).




More than just brands, status, and exclusivity? Exploring the Luxury Experience and Luxury Experience Management. (Deadline for submissions 3 May 2021)




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