JMM Editors’ Choice Articles April 2016 – July 2016

The articles listed have been picked by the Editor of JMM to highlight examples of original and thought-provoking research in the areas of Dark Side of Marketing and Family Consumption. Articles will be free to read and download online until the end of July 2016.

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Dark side of marketing

Exploring the forms of dysfunctional customer behaviour: A study of differences in servicescape and customer disaffection with service
Daunt, K.L., & Harris, L.C. (2012). Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (1/2), 129-153.
“Although wide agreement exists between scholars and marketing practitioners concerning the prevalence of dysfunctional customer behaviour, to date empirical research into this phenomenon is lacking. This article aims to identify empirically grounded categories of dysfunctional customer behaviours and examine the extent to which customers’ perceptions of physical servicescape environments, social facets of servicescape, and customer disaffection with service differ for each category …” Read more >

Investigating customer-orientated deviance (COD) from a frontline employee’s perspective
Leo, C. & Russell-Bennett R. (2012). Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (7/8), 865-886.
“While frontline employees (FLEs) are known to bend the rules or act in non-conforming ways for customers, the phenomenon of FLEs over-servicing customers is not well understood. This paper proposes a behavioural concept termed customer-oriented deviance (COD) and a conceptual model of its key drivers …” Read more >

Pirating Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of cyberspace
Phau, I., Teah, M. & Lwin, M. (2014). Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (3/4), 312-333.
“This study investigates the factors influencing the ‘illegal’ downloading of films and TV series through peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Specifically, it examines how social and ethical orientations and attitudes towards downloading impact on downloading intentions …” Read more >

Linking employee and customer misbehaviour: The moderating role of past misdemeanours
Daunt, K.L., & Harris L.C. (2014). Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (3/4), 221-244.
“Traditionally, studies that examine the activities of misbehaving employees and customers have done so in a separate and unrelated manner. Drawing on research that explores deviance amplifications and deviant learning, the current study aims to address this identified gap in the literature and provide empirical evidence of the linkages between perceived employee deviance and the severity of customer misbehaviour …” Read more >

An exploratory investigation of aberrant consumer behaviour in Libya: A sociocultural approach
Abdelhadi, A., Foster, C. & Whysall, P. (2014). Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (9/10), 857-873.
“Studies concerning aberrant consumer behaviour (ACB) are dominated by research conducted in the West. By examining the impact social and cultural factors have on the management and understanding of ACB in Libya, a Muslim country, this paper extends knowledge by exploring this issue in a different setting …” Read more >

Family consumption

Like a member of the family: including and excluding paid caregivers in performances of family
Barnhart, M., Huff, A.D. & Cotte, J. (2014). Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (15-16), 1680-1702
“We explore the construction of family in contemporary families that employ professional providers of childcare and elder care. We find that families and caregivers at times construct family together, including the caregiver as a family member, while at other times, consumers construct family in ways that exclude the caregiver …” Read more >

From pushchairs to wheelchairs: understanding tensions in family decision making through the experiences of adult children caring for ageing parents
Dean, D., Kellie, J. & Mould, P. (2014). Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (15-16), 1703-1721
“Within a modern family life, roles have changed significantly; however, relatively little attention has been given to the increased health and longevity of parents. This article focuses on the tensions relating to the transitional role of parent as ‘carer of the child’ to child as ‘carer of the parent’ as parents age. This article focuses on the experiences of adult children as they care for their parents and the related tensions that emerge and coping strategies that are adopted …” Read more >

Children’s influence strategies in practice: Exploring the co-constructed nature of the child influence process in family consumption
Kerrane, B., Hogg, M.K. & Bettany, S.M. (2012). Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (7-8), 809-835
“Existing child influence studies have been critiqued for employing an individualistic or dyadic approach to explore the types of influence strategies which children use to sway parental decisions. In this paper, we refocus research attention to explore the intra-familial processes leading to child influence strategies deployed within the family setting …” Read more >

When nutritional guidelines and life collide: family fruit and vegetable socialisation practices in low socioeconomic communities
Judd, S.M., Newton, J.D., Newton, F.J. & Ewing, M.T. (2014). Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (15-16), 1625-1653
“Parents play a critical role in promoting fruit and vegetable consumption, for eating patterns established early in life tend to persist into adulthood. Despite this, the factors that facilitate or inhibit parents’ capacity to socialise fruit and vegetable consumption into their children’s daily diets remain poorly defined …” Read more >


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