JMM Editors’ Choice Articles December 2015 – March 2016

The articles listed were picked by the Editors of JMM to highlight examples of original and thought-provoking research in the areas of Alcohol & Drinking Behaviour, Celebrity and Gender.

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Alcohol & Drinking Behaviour

Framing social marketing as a system of interaction: A neo-institutional approach to alcohol abstinence
by Hélène Cherrier & Lauren Gurrieri
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 7-8 (2014)
“We employ Giddens’ structuration theory to gain insights into the interaction between upstream/midstream and downstream social marketing perspectives. This is conducted through thirteen phenomenological interviews with informants who stand outside of the practice of alcohol consumption through their voluntary engagement in one month of sobriety …” Read more >

The role of desire in understanding intentions to drink responsibly: an application of the Model of Goal-Directed Behaviour
by Marie-Louise Fry, Judy Drennan, Josephine Previte, Angela White & Dian Tjondronegoro
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 5-6 (2014)
“This study models young people’s moderate drinking decision-making using the Model of Goal-Directed Behaviour (MGB), thus presenting insights into young people’s desires and intentions to drink responsibly …” Read More >

The use of Facebook to promote drinking among young consumers
by Caroline Moraes, Nina Michaelidou & Rita W. Meneses
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 13-14  (2014)
“New media platforms including social networking sites (SNS) have changed the media landscape and enabled many-to-many communication practices that have increased youth exposure to pro-alcohol consumption messages exponentially, blurring the lines between content generated by alcohol brands, nightclubs and consumers…” Read More >

Young adults and ‘binge’ drinking: A Bakhtinian analysis
by Chris Hackley, Andrew Bengry-Howell, Christine Griffin, Willm Mistral, Isabelle Szmigin & Rungpaka Amy Hackley née Tiwsakul
JMM, Volume 29, Issue 7-8 (2013)
“We use Bakhtin’s theory of carnival in a literary analysis of young people’s accounts of the role of alcohol in their social lives, the character of drinking stories, the focus on parodic grotesquery, ribald and satiric laughter, and the temporary subversion and reversal of social norms …” Read More >


A cultural exploration of consumers’ interactions and relationships with celebrities
by Emma N. Banister & Hayley L. Cocker
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 1-2 (2014)
“This paper offers a cultural exploration of young adult consumers’ everyday interactions and relationships with celebrities. Consumers purposefully interact with celebrities in a diverse range of ways and actively engage in a variety of consumer–celebrity relationships …” Read More >

Persona-fied brands: managing branded persons through persona
by Delphine Dion & Eric Arnould
JMM (2015)
“We investigate how the concept of persona can be used in managing brand persona-fication. Based on interviews with informants working across the gastronomy sector, we examine the characteristics of the chef persona, and the role that chef persona plays in restaurant management …” Read More >

Producing and consuming celebrity identity myths: unpacking the classed identities of Cheryl Cole and Katie Price
by Hayley L. Cocker, Emma N. Banister & Maria G. Piacentini
JMM, Volume 31, Issue 5-6 (2015)
“We investigate the ways in which celebrity identity myths are created, shaped, interpreted and utilised by media, celebrities and consumers. Two working-class female celebrities, Cheryl Cole and Katie Price, provide our focus …” Read More >

Unpacking celebrity brands through unpaid market communications
by Fiona Davies & Stephanie Slater
JMM, Volume 31, Issue 5-6 (2015)
“This article explores the role of unpaid communications (newspaper and online reporting, blogs, associated comments and tweets) in informing consumer decisions on celebrity brands …” Read More >

‘When people take action ….’ Mainstreaming malcontent and the role of the celebrity institutional entrepreneur
by Gillian C. Hopkinson & James Cronin
JMM, Volume 31, Issue 13-14 (2015)
“As the challenges of sustainability intensify at a global level, it is becoming increasingly more important to encourage, support and promote the mainstream adoption of mindful and ecologically viable consumption. Drawing on institutional theory and an interpretive investigation of a UK Channel 4 television documentary, namely Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight, we explore a relatively widespread phenomenon, the celebrity campaign …” Read More >


Examining the influence of different levels of sexual-stimuli intensity by gender on advertising effectiveness
by Jessica Wyllie, Jamie Carlson & Philip J. Rosenberger III
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 7-8 (2014)
“Sexual appeals grab attention and elicit emotional responses, yet the existing literature surrounding this area of research has yielded inconsistent findings with regard to their ability to influence consumer liking and preference …” Read More >

Practising gender: The role of banter in young men’s improvisations of masculine consumer identities
by Wendy Hein & Stephanie O’Donohoe
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 13-14 (2014)
“Although consumer researchers have explored the social, cultural and consumption-related tensions involved in being and becoming masculine, prior research has tended to focus on individual men’s experiences. This paper reviews literature in this area together with theories of gender as performed, performative and social practice …” Read More >

The abject single: exploring the gendered experience of singleness in Britain
by Ai-Ling Lai, Ming Lim & Matthew Higgins
JMM, Volume 31, Issue 15-16 (2015)
“This paper explores the gendered experience of singleness in Britain through a theoretical and empirical understanding of the abject. Drawing on the writings of Judith Butler, we argue that singleness is culturally pathologised as an abject ‘other’, a liminal state which renders the legitimation of the single subject unintelligible …” Read More >

The hidden work of coping: gender and the micro-politics of household consumption in times of austerity
by Benedetta Cappellini, Alessandra Marilli & Elizabeth Parsons
JMM, Volume 30, Issue 15-16 (2014)
“This article explores the coping strategies of women in 10 middle-class Italian families facing economic crisis. We unpack participants’ micro-coping strategies, observing their tendency to redirect resources towards their loved ones and abnegating their own needs for the greater good of the family …” Read More >

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