Special Issue: JMM 30th Anniversary Special Issue: Pushing the Boundaries, Sketching the Future
Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 30, 2014, Issue 11-12

Editorial: Pushing the boundaries, sketching the future
Paul Hewer & Mark Tadajewski

CCT applied research and the limits of consumers’ heroicisation
Bernard Cova & Véronique Cova
“The sum total of the research produced by Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) researchers has enabled a spectacular improvement in our understanding of markets and consumption. Yet, this knowledge has struggled to penetrate the business world due to a dearth of practical proposals appealing to managers looking for action-guiding toolkits …” Read more >

Digital consumption and the extended self
Russell Belk
“There are numerous and substantial effects of the use of digital technologies on consumers. I focus here on the ways in which these technologies have brought changes to the extended self. This review builds on earlier work considering digital subjectivities …” Read more >

Behavioural psychology, marketing and consumer behaviour: a literature review and future research agenda
Victoria K. Wells
“Psychology, along with a wide range of other academic disciplines, has influenced research in both consumer behaviour and marketing. However, the influence of one area of psychology – namely, behaviourism – on research on consumers and marketing has been less prominent. Behaviourism has influenced consumer and marketing research through the application of classical and operant conditioning, matching and foraging theories, amongst other frameworks, during the past 50 years …” Read more >

Up, up and away: social marketing breaks free
Sally Dibb
“The social marketing literature has been dominated by questions about the field’s legitimacy along with the ethical and other implications of its relationship with commercial marketing. In reviewing social marketing’s origins and considering its future, this paper acknowledges then moves beyond these concerns, enabling a focus on the opportunities created for this vibrant field in the current environment …” Read more >

Sustainability marketing research: past, present and future
Pierre McDonagh & Andrea Prothero
“This paper provides a synthesis and critical assessment of the sustainability marketing literature, from the period 1998–2013, building on a previous assessment from 1971 to 1998. It details research within major marketing journals and critically assesses this research in relation to the on-going conversation which focuses on marketing’s relationship with the natural environment …” Read more >

Relational marketing: development, debates and directions
Lisa O’Malley
“Relationship marketing (RM) is an umbrella term for a loose collection of ideas and concepts that emerged in different empirical contexts from the late 1970s. Informed by diverse research traditions, it represented at one and the same time an extension of existing ideas within marketing management and a very different way of thinking about marketing …” Read more >

Historical research in marketing theory and practice: a review essay
Mark Tadajewski & D.G. Brian Jones
“This paper reviews 30 years of interdisciplinary scholarship that deals with marketing history or the history of marketing thought. We have ranged across the humanities and social sciences to review the very best scholarship that these domains have produced which speaks to issues likely to concern the readers of the Journal of Marketing Management (JMM) …” Read more >

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