The Journal of Marketing Management (JMM, ISSN 0267-257X) is published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, and is the Official Journal of the Academy of Marketing. JMM was launched in 1985, and is now publishing 18 issues per annum, with 2016 marking Volume 32.

We have become aware that another publication has been launched using the name “Journal of Marketing Management” (ISSN 2333-6080). You may have received an email soliciting submissions to this journal.

This other journal is published by ARIPD, American Research Institute for Policy Development. ARIPD was named in “Beall’s List” of alleged ‘Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers’  (now no longer available). See ten Have, H. & Gordijn, B. (2017).

Whilst the title is the same, this publication is in no way associated with Journal of Marketing Management (JMM, ISSN 0267-257X) published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group has made repeated attempts to contact ARIPD about the possible confusion this duplication in journal name may cause for authors, but as yet have received no response. They are continuing to pursue this matter.

However, authors should note that journal titles cannot be copyrighted, and duplication of existing journal names is unfortunately becoming more common. Therefore we recommend that authors check carefully before submitting to any journal.

Think, Check, Submit

Think. Check. Submit. is a cross-industry initiative led by representatives from ALPSP, DOAJ, INASP,
ISSN, LIBER, OASPA, STM, UKSG, and individual publishers. It provides a checklist of quality indicators that can help researchers identify if a journal is a trustworthy place to submit their research

Further details can be found at

We recommend that authors that wish to submit to Journal of Marketing Management (JMM, ISSN 0267-257X) should pay attention to the following details:

  • Read the Aims and Scope, as this is where the Editor sets out their expectations
  • If you are planning to submit to a Special Issue, read the Call for Papers carefully. These can be found on the Resources page of this blog.
  • Look at the Editorial Board – are there academics listed that you know of, or that are active in your particular topic area?
  • Look at some of our free access articles to see the kind of articles that have made it through the review process
  • Read the Instructions to Authors carefully – submissions which do not follow the Instructions for Authors will be returned to Authors for amendment before they are passed to the Editor for review
  • All submissions, including those for Special Issues, must be submitted through the JMM ScholarOne Manuscripts site

JMM does not seek manuscript submissions by unsolicited bulk email and does not accept email submission of manuscripts.

There are a number of other important aspects that characterise the review and publication process for Journal of Marketing Management published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group:

  • All papers, including those for Special Issues, go through a rigorous double blind review process. Authors can monitor the progress of their submissions through the JMM ScholarOne Manuscripts site. All papers are initially desk reviewed by the journal Editor. Around 68% of standard (non-SI) submissions are rejected at this stage. Those that make it past this stage are assigned to an Associate Editor, expert in the relevant subfield, who will review the paper again and, if they consider it suitable, will then assign the paper to 3 referees for double blind review. Papers generally go through multiple rounds of revision and review. The average time taken for a paper to receive a decisions following the first round of peer review is 34 days. The acceptance rate for all standard papers submitted since 2011 is 9.2%.
  • If a paper is accepted, it will be passed into the Taylor & Francis Central Article Tracking System (CATS). When papers go into CATS one of the automated communications authors receive is about their publication options. At this point, authors may choose ‘Open Select’ via payment of an Article Processing Charge. However, at no point are authors required to make a payment in order for their paper to be published, this is just an option which is offered for those who wish, or who are mandated to by funder requirements, to make their paper Gold Open Access.
  • Once the paper enters CATS it is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This provides a permanent link to the article version of record, and is the basis of article cross linking and altmetric measurement. The JMM prefix always starts with the identifier 10.1080, followed by the journal’s print ISSN 0267257X, the year of acceptance, and then a final numeric string unique to that article, e.g.
    This DOI forms part of the link to the article:
  • Once the article has gone through the editing and proofing process, it is published online at the Taylor and Francis website as a ‘Latest Article’.

It will then be assigned to an issue for print publication.

If you have any questions about submitting your paper to JMM, please do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office


ten Have, H. & Gordijn, B. (2017). Publication ethics: science versus commerce. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 20(2), 159–161.

(This post was updated 14 January 2020 to remove the outdated link to Beall’s list and add the reference to ten Have, H. & Gordijn, B. (2017))

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JMM Editorial Office

JMM Editorial Office

The Journal of Marketing Management (JMM) Editorial Office is based at Westburn Publishers Ltd. From 2010, Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, publish and distribute JMM. Westburn remains the owner of JMM, and continues to be responsible for the editorial process and policy of the Journal.

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