Special Issue: Celebrity, convergence and transformation
Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 31, 2015, Issue 5-6

Editorial: Celebrity, convergence and transformation
Douglas Brownlie, Paul Hewer & Finola Kerrigan

Marketing and the cultural production of celebrity in the era of media convergence
Chris Hackley & Rungpaka Amy Hackley
“Celebrity endorsement research in the marketing literature has been over-reliant on an exogenous notion of celebrity as something produced outside of the marketing system, from which meanings can be transferred to brands within the marketing system …” Read more >

Puppets of necessity? Celebritisation in structured reality television
Alex Thompson, Lindsay Stringfellow, Mairi Maclean, Andrew MacLaren & Kevin O’Gorman
“This conceptual paper uses field theory and a production of culture perspective to explore the celebritisation process in structured reality television. This relatively new genre, typified by The Only Way Is Essex, blends fiction with fact and constitutes a new, playful and interactive iteration of the broader category of reality television …” Read more >

Producing and consuming celebrity identity myths: unpacking the classed identities of Cheryl Cole and Katie Price
Hayley L. Cocker, Emma N. Banister & Maria G. Piacentini
“We investigate the ways in which celebrity identity myths are created, shaped, interpreted and utilised by media, celebrities and consumers. Two working-class female celebrities, Cheryl Cole and Katie Price, provide our focus, and we draw on an analysis of articles in the popular press, celebrity autobiographies and qualitative data collected with 16- to 18-year-olds …” Read more >

The spectacularization of suffering: an analysis of the use of celebrities in ‘Comic Relief’ UK’s charity fundraising campaigns
Ming Lim & Mona Moufahim
“In this paper, we engage with recent charity fundraising campaigns in the UK such as ‘Sport Relief’ and ‘Red Nose Day’, both of which are organised by Comic Relief, an operating British charity. These campaigns are increasingly extreme spectacles of celebrity-suffering that concentrate public attention on the spectacle image itself rather than on the charities these spectacles espouse …” Read more >

‘And Ziggy played guitar’: Bowie, the market, and the emancipation and resurrection of Ziggy Stardust
Andrew Lindridge & Toni Eagar
“Using David Bowie as a human brand and his various characters, particularly Ziggy Stardust, we address two research themes: who constructs celebrity – the individual or the market, and to what extent can a celebrity emancipate their human brand from the characters they portray? …” Read more >

Nigellissima: a study of glamour, performativity and embodiment
Lorna Stevens, Benedetta Cappellini & Gilly Smith
“This is a study of glamour, its complexities and its relationship with and role within celebrity culture. We explore glamour in the context of Nigella, the London-born TV cook, food writer and self-proclaimed ‘domestic goddess’ of British culinary culture. In our study we consider the interconnections between glamour, specifically Italian-style retro-glamour, and performativity in Nigella’s career …” Read more >

Fabricating celebrity brands via scandalous narrative: crafting, capering and commodifying the comedian, Russell Brand
Scott Mills, Anthony Patterson & Lee Quinn
“Most marketing researchers with an interest in the mythic machinations of celebrity culture assume that being implicated in a scandal is detrimental to long-term brand-building efforts. However, our premise is that this assumption is often misguided. We argue that celebrities who court scandal sometimes find that the media coverage it precipitates – especially when the spun narrative is compelling – can significantly increase their brand value …” Read more >

The authentic celebrity brand: unpacking Ai Weiwei’s celebritised selves
Chloe Preece
“This research extends prior work on celebrity brands to focus on the issue of how authenticity is constructed, communicated and managed in the manufacturing of celebrity. Using a case study approach, this paper explores the branding of contemporary artist-activist Ai Weiwei, who has emerged as a heroic celebrity figure …” Read more >

The production and consumption activities relating to the celebrity artist
Ian Fillis
“This paper considers the impact of the celebrity artist on the associated production and consumption activities. It also considers the role which entrepreneurial marketing plays in helping to create the celebrity artist aura. The artist Thomas Kinkade is used to illustrate how this occurs in practice …” Read more >

Unpacking celebrity brands through unpaid market communications
Fiona Davies & Stephanie Slater
“This article explores the role of unpaid communications (newspaper and online reporting, blogs, associated comments and tweets) in informing consumer decisions on celebrity brands. The research tests ‘the old model of celebrity endorsement’ (Chahal, 2013) in a new context using new media …” Read more >

Celebrities as human brands: an investigation of the effects of personality and time on celebrities’ appeal
Renaud Lunardo, Olivier Gergaud & Florine Livat
“This article considers celebrities as brands and relies on the brand personality literature to investigate how celebrities’ personality impacts their appeal. Celebrities’ appeal is analysed across different cultural fields (TV, music, sport and cinema) and over time …” Read more >

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