Special Issue: Brand Orientation: Past, Present, and Future
Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 29, 2013, Issue 9-10

Editorial: Brand orientation: Past, present, and future
Carsten Baumgarth, Bill Merrilees & Mats Urde

Aligning employee service recovery performance with brand values: The role of brand-specific leadership
Khanyapuss Punjaisri, Heiner Evanschitzky & John Rudd
“This study investigates the effects of brand-specific leadership on employees’ brand-aligned service recovery performance (SRP). In order to do so, we empirically test a conceptual model of relationships between brand-specific transformational leadership (TFL) and transactional leadership (TRL), trust in leader and in corporate brand, brand identification, and SRP from employees’ perspectives. It is the first study to incorporate trust in corporate brand into the framework …” Read more >

Brand orientation and brand values in retail banking
Elaine Wallace, Isabel Buil & Leslie de Chernatony
“This exploratory study seeks to provide an appreciation of brand orientation in retail banking. Through in-depth interviews at head office and branch level, we explore managers’ brand mind-set …” Read more >

Internal marketing, internal branding, and organisational outcomes: The moderating role of perceived goal congruence
Margaret Jekanyika Matanda & Nelson Oly Ndubisi
“This study investigates the moderating role of employee-perceived goal congruence on the link between internal branding, internal customer orientation, and employee attitudes (person–organisation fit) and behavioural intention …” Read more >

Exploring the impact of silos in achieving brand orientation
Richard I. Gyrd-Jones, Clive Helm & Jonas Munk
“Brands are widely recognised as important sources of organisational value. Brand orientation describes the extent to which the organisation is orientated around the brand and around maximising brand potential. However, silos or divisions within the culture of an organisation can frustrate the achievement of brand orientation …” Read more >

Brand orientation and the voices from within
Jessica Baxter, Greg Kerr & Rodney J. Clarke
“This work adds to the brand orientation literature by showing that while brand strategies may sometimes be aspirational, multiple identities exist which may either challenge or support a brand. In this place branding study, in-depth interviews of local residents reveal the existence of multiple place identities as well as how these identities relate to a place brand strategy …” Read more >

From market orientation to brand orientation in the public sector
Johan Gromark & Frans Melin
“This conceptual article examines brand orientation as an alternative to market orientation in the public sector. The problem with market orientation is that the focus on customers is too great; it is myopic, and lacks true interaction; it is mechanistic, and the emphasis on economic values is too strong. In this light, brand orientation becomes an interesting alternative …” Read more >

Rebranding in brand-oriented organisations: Exploring tensions in the nonprofit sector
Zoe Lee
“In a corporate rebranding process, changes to brand identity will involve a concurrent organisational adaptation likely to generate reactions from internal and external stakeholders. We explore this issue by identifying, describing and explaining the tensions involved in managing the process where organisations have to meet expectations from different stakeholders, as in nonprofit organisations …” Read more >

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