Essentials of Social Media Engagement 1. Community First People are there to engage with other people, your brand comes next. Get people to interact with each other. Then talk about your brand. 2. Not for Everyone Not everybody loves to engage on social media/ 3 characteristics that define top engagers. High interest in your product Prone to interact Like the community Target content at top engagers to create a ripple effect. Source: Dessart, L. (2017) Social media engagement: a model of antecedents and relational outcomes. Journal of Marketing Management.
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Engaging their community on social media is what all community and brand managers are striving for. Social media may be the best place to interact with audiences, but without clear understanding of the psychology of how people engage, brand efforts may fall flat and fail to reap the expected social media ROI.

In my latest paper, I discover top characteristics of social media engagement every manager should keep on top of their mind.

The paper goes on to explains in more detail driving factors of social media engagement and its benefits for brands. It is forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing Management.

This material was originally posted on the author’s personal blog on 1 March 2017, and is reposted here with their permission.

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Read the original research article: Dessart, L. (2017). Social media engagement: a model of antecedents and relational outcomes. Journal of Marketing Management.

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Laurence Dessart

Laurence Dessart

Laurence Dessart is Assistant Professor at KEDGE Business School in France. She completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, focusing on consumer engagement in online brand communities. Her wider research interests are digital marketing, branding and consumer behaviour. Laurence has published in the Journal of Product and Brand Management and Journal of Marketing Management and presented her work at several conferences in Europe and the United States. She also blogs on marketing, education and research on

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