Special Issue: Customer Engagement
Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 32, 2016, Issue 5-6

Editorial: Strategic drivers, anticipated and unanticipated outcomes of customer engagement
Linda D. Hollebeek, Jodie Conduit & Roderick J. Brodie

Capturing consumer engagement: duality, dimensionality and measurement
Laurence Dessart, Cleopatra Veloutsou & Anna Morgan-Thomas
“This study advances the conceptualisation and operationalisation of consumer engagement in the context of online brand communities (OBCs). Past scholarship has only partially addressed the dimensionality of engagement and the different engagement foci, and these oversights have important theoretical and empirical consequences …” Read more >
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Evidence that user-generated content that produces engagement increases purchase behaviours
Edward C. Malthouse, Bobby J. Calder, Su Jung Kim & Mark Vandenbosch
“The use of social media environments that enable consumers to engage with a brand publicly is of increasing interest to marketers. In particular, contests in which consumers create user-generated content (UGC) offer the potential of actively engaging consumers with a brand and thereby directly affecting consumer purchases …”  Read more >

The effects of regulatory fit on customer brand engagement: an experimental study of service brand activities in social media
Birgit Andrine Apenes Solem & Per Egil Pedersen
“When utilising social media to establish customer–brand relationships beyond exchange, service brands must understand which activities stimulate customer brand engagement (CBE) and brand preference. Founded in ideas from regulatory engagement theory, this study examines regulatory fit as a key driver of CBE and brand value experience …” Read more >

The customer engagement ecosystem
Ewa Maslowska, Edward C. Malthouse & Tom Collinger
“Consumer engagement has been widely discussed in both the academic and practitioner literature, but there is no consensus about its meaning, what phenomena constitute engagement or what its antecedents and consequences are. Therefore, we propose that the term engagement should be eluded and that more specific terms should be used for the different phenomena. Building on the previous literature, we propose the customer engagement ecosystem, a conceptual model that encompasses brand actions, other actors, customer brand experience, shopping behaviours, brand consumption and brand-dialogue behaviours …” Read more >
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Who are you and what do you value? Investigating the role of personality traits and customer-perceived value in online customer engagement
Julia Marbach, Cristiana Raquel Lages & Daniel Nunan
“While the importance of customer engagement has been widely acknowledged, a gap remains in terms of our understanding of how customers engage with products and services delivered online. Addressing this gap is important given the increasing proportion of time spent interacting with companies online and the key role of customer engagement in delivering an effective customer experience …” Read more >

Brand engagement on social media: will firms’ social media efforts influence search engine advertising effectiveness?
Shuai Yang, Shan Lin, Jeffrey R. Carlson & William T. Ross Jr.
“Although firms leverage social media platforms such as Facebook to engage with customers, they often treat social media elements and other online marketing activities such as search engine advertising as stand-alone, rather than part of an integrated online activities system. Hence, it is important to systematically understand how specific elements of social media, signifying and representing behavioural manifestations of brand engagement, relate to other online activities …” Read more >

Antecedents of consumer brand engagement and brand loyalty
Civilai Leckie, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo & Lester W. Johnson
“Literature on consumer engagement is growing significantly, yet there is limited empirical research on its drivers and outcomes. This study examines the key drivers and outcomes of consumer brand engagement (CBE) in the context of Australian mobile phone service providers. The results reveal that consumer involvement, consumer participation and self-expressive brand have differing effects on the CBE dimensions (cognitive processing, affection and activation) and brand loyalty …” Read more >

Commentary: Brand marketing, big data and social innovation as future research directions for engagement
Bobby J. Calder, Edward C. Malthouse & Ewa Maslowska

Commentary: Epilogue to the Special Issue and reflections on the future of engagement research
Linda D. Hollebeek, Jodie Conduit, Jill Sweeney, Geoffrey Soutar, Ingo O. Karpen, Wade Jarvis & Tom Chen

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