Victoria WellsVictoria K. Wells is Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Sheffield University Management School.  She joined Sheffield University Management School in 2016 after holding the post of Reader in Marketing at Durham University Business School and Research Associate and Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. Prior to joining Cardiff Business School, she worked in Marketing Communications as an Account Executive.

Her research work falls in the general area of consumer behaviour and consumer responses to marketing actions. In particular, she is interested in the role the environment plays in consumers’ behaviour, whether it is how the environment affects consumer choices or how consumers’ behaviour affects the social and physical environment.

Her current work focuses on the pro- or anti-social behaviour of consumers in relation to the environment and in particular the behaviour of employees within organisations. In her work exploring employee environmental behaviour or organisational citizenship behaviours for the environment (OCBE) she works with London based charity Global Action Plan (GAP) as part of the Real-world Sustainability Research Team. This work focuses on the use of social marketing techniques to facilitate pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace.

In 2016 she is a keynote speaker at the European Social Marketing Conference at Aalto University, Finland.Other work that she is currently involved in includes consumption, marketing and identity aspects of consumer co-operative pub membership and perceptions of seaweed biofuels.

You can follow Victoria on Twitter @VictoriaKWells

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